Meet Renae

My kids are my inspiration for everything I do, especially my photography.  I encourage them to dream big, and be confident in who they are.  So, why shouldn't I do the same?
My love for photography began long ago, learning to use my dad's film SLR, and later buying my own.  That camera was then left in the back of the cupboard when the digital 'revolution' began.  I owned several digital compact cameras, which had manual settings but didn't offer all the benefits of an SLR.   Following the birth of my second child in 2009, I finally purchased my first digital SLR.  After being a stay at home mum for a few years, I decided to use some of my 'spare' time to increase my knowledge of photography.  Winning a section of a local photography competition, I gained a bit of confidence.  In December 2012, I completed my Diploma of Photography.
It was around about the same time that I discovered the fine art of posed newborn photography, and life has never been the same. I have been in constant pursuit of learning everything I can about every aspect of being a newborn photographer, a business woman, and a working mother.
That journey is far from over, as I strive to keep learning and improving every day.  

Renae. xx